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Welcome to my new website. It has been a journey and a half trying to get this baby off the ground. Writing, I can do that… website design… not so much. I am looking forward to getting back in the flow of writing my weekly blog. I will be posting all of my upcoming events on this site, as well as the links to any webinars or seminars I will be a part of. Be sure to check out my gallery for all of the amazing photo shoots we have done since the release of my very first book in 2015 until today. You can also follow me on facebook and instagram.

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Tamara McWilliam – Australian Author

Tamara McWilliam lives on the beautiful Mid North Coast of Australia with her husband and two teenage children. Aside from being an author, Tamara is a Naturopath, Hairdresser and owns a Tapas Bar with her family called Elk on 38.
Tamara’s writing journey began in 2015. Stepping completely out of her comfort zone, Tamara started writing a fiction novel that had absolutely nothing to do with health, hair or Tapas bars. It was then ‘The Willow Tree Series’ came to life. Within eighteen months the series of five novels was written and self published.
Tamara has since gone on to write a novel ‘Beneath the Snow of Gnojnik,’ based on a true story that has been published through a publishing company in England and another three book series called ‘The Mosconi series’. Tamara has been fortunate enough to attend various author events from library talks, international author signings and writers festivals.


Verbis-Connect with Authors Presents

Social Media Marketing

Australian Author, Tamara McWilliam will be presenting Verbis-Connect with Authors ‘Social Media Marketing Workshop.

The How, What , Where of Social Media Marketing

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Elk on 38 Macksville at 2:00pm the 5th of October 2021

Verbis-Connect with Authors Presents:

Audio book Workshop


Australian Author, Tamara McWilliam will be presenting Verbis- Connect with Authors Audio-book Workshop.

The How, What , Where and Why of creating your own audiobook. Join us…

Elk o

Elk on 38 Macksville at 2:00pm Tuesday the 6th of April 2021

Let’s Talk Self Publishing

I am so excited to be joining four other amazing Australian authors this Saturday the 13th March 2021 at the Kempsey Macleay RSL presenting a panel on Self Publishing. Come and join myself, Fiona McArthur, Annie Seaton, Greg Barron and Ann Rolfe from 10:00 onwards.

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The schedule worked!

Well… That was interesting. As I was saying last week, I started writing for the new local paper. When I told my husband he gave me that look… A look only I know, that, if transferred into words would say, ‘Oh hunni, really?‘ My children said it how it was, ‘When are you going to …


Dream in the Wind: Book 1

Amelia Leith has suffered the terrible loss of her husband. With two children to raise, money is tight, life is getting hard. She travels to the city to try and gain employment to help raise her family. In a strange twist of fate she finds herself involved in an Elite Escort service. Determined to live by her own moral code she finds herself in a place she never dreamt of.

Dr Connor O’Reily a well respected Cardiac Surgeon needs to leave Scotland. After catching his beautiful wife in bed with his work colleague a transfer to Sydney Australia St Vincent Hospital is his only option. Determined to never let another woman break his heart Connor will only deal with Escort services when the need for a woman arises.

Is their meeting fate or will it destroy them both…..

Fire in the Wind: Book 2

Max Hart is a Medical Research Manager in Sydney Australia. After life throws its fair share of obstacles involving the fairer sex his way, Max decides it’s safer to enjoy the company of women but on his own terms. Max, a notorious ladies man, smooth, charming and an extremely skilled lover never falls in love.

Sally O’Reily is a young, fiery red headed customs officer in Scotland. When her boyfriend is caught smuggling drugs into the airport she works in, a holiday to Australia to attend her brothers wedding is exactly what she needs…

Sally meets a smooth, charming, ladies man at her brothers wedding. She is determined to find out what all the fuss is about. With a promise of no strings attached and her limited time in Australia, Sally convinces him to teach her the art to making love. His skills as a lover ignite a fire deep within her.

Sally arrives back in Scotland, to find the Drug Cartel her ex was involved with, are in search of stolen information stored on a micro sim, that could expose and destroy some of Europe’s most prominent families. Sally is number one on their hit list. Escaping to her brother in Australia is her only chance for survival.

Seeing Max again was the last thing either of them expected…

Scent in the Wind: Book 3

The Ravened haired beauty, Lilly Arbie appears to be embracing her thirties with freedom, confidence and gusto. Little does the outside world know the tormented battles she faces in private. Lilly is thrown into a whirlwind when her abusive ex-husband is released six months early from prison. With a random request from a trusted family friend Carson, her complicated life is about to be turned upside down.

Emotionally detached SAS soldier Hunter Timmins lives his life one day at a time. An unexpected betrayal from a trusted female allie in war torn Syria, leaves Hunter seriously wounded and shipped back to coastal Australia to recover.

When Carson asks Lilly to rent her studio for a friend recovering from a work injury, She welcomed the distraction and added security his arrival would bring.

A restless Hunter, was anxious to return to Syria until an exotic angel crossed his path. Bewitching his every sense. She was unknowingly breaking down all emotional walls Hunter had spent a lifetime building.

Falling in love was the last thing either expected. The tirade of their past colliding, with revenge, deceit and heartbreak weighing heavily upon them.

Haunted in the Wind: Book 4

The Lilly and Hunter whirlwind romance continues…

An unsuspecting Lilly Arbie is thrust into the world of Hunter Timmins .Drugs, prostitution, women smuggling and murder is all in a days work for Hunter.

As the couple precariously navigate a new relationship in Hunter’s world. The independent self confident Lilly struggles to find her place. The fine line Hunter walks between his world and Lillys, is jeopardised when tragedy strikes the couple. With Hunter spiralling out of control can Lillys love pull him back or will Hunter be forever lost.

Will Hunter and Lilly survive the carnage of two different worlds colliding?

Forever in the Wind: Book 5

The heart breaking and heart warming conclusion to the Willow Tree series is here.
Bella Leith moves to Sydney in hope of pursuing her chosen career. After re connecting with Naomi, an old high school friend, Bella is thrown into a world of drugs, prostitution and illicit affairs. This complex reality leads to an ill fated meeting with her long term teenage crush. Bella is left feeling disillusioned with love, sending her spiralling throughout the adult world. Bella realises there are no white knights in shining armour or happily ever afters.

Carson Wilmont has been conflicted with the feelings he has for his dear friends niece. Carson’s occupation leaves no room to create a stable and romantic environment for the likes of the young and naive Bella. After unconsciously leading Bella into his working world, heartbreaking events transpire forcing Carson to distance himself from what could be the love of his life.

Jaded, angry and disillusioned by all those around her, Bella doesn’t just leave the city, Bella leaves the country. Taking a job opportunity in South Africa, forces Bella into the arms of another man, much to Carson’s distress. Bella runs and doesn’t look back. The harsh environment of South Africa hardens the already bitter Bella.

Will Carson recognise the woman Bella has become upon her return to Australia? Will fate bring them back together or forever keep them apart?

The Broken Dream: Book 6

Tate Leith has finished High School and according to his family, he is bumming around wasting time. Free spirited Tate is a talented artist and unbeknown to his family, Tate has been dabbling in a dangerous world he knows nothing about.

Pipa Heigl has had her fair share of adversity in her thirty years of living. An Australian Officer in the Military, Pipa finds herself back in the same town she grew up in when she is forced to take leave from work after a serious injury. Hughes Head holds a barrage of mixed emotions as she struggles to find balance in her life.

Tate is fascinated when a stunning older woman walks up to his paint counter at the local Hughes Head hardware. She amuses him with her lack of knowledge of paint and ability to use it in any way. They strike an unusual friendship which turns into an intense love affair as he teachers her how to paint.

Art is what truly drives Tate. The thrill and exhilaration he feels when replicating famous artworks for a hefty fee is incomparable to anything he has felt in his life, until now. Pipa becomes his newest addiction as they agree to a relationship with a time limit and no strings attached.

Pipa thought it would be easy to return to work after taking some time out in Hughes Head. Her first assignment back sees her thrust in a female sex trade throughout Damascus working undercover with the notorious Hunter Timmins. The last thing she expected was to have her work entwined with the young lover she left behind in her old home town Hughes Head. The world as she knows it is turned upside down as she finds out the young man she had an affair with is not all he seems to be.

Daughter of the Tiller-man : Book 1

The Dal Sanio and Mosconi Families of Sicily have been at war for over fifty years…
When pregnant lovers Christiana Dal Sanio and Luciano Mosconi escape Sicily in 1997 and arrive in Melbourne Australia they thought they were free to start a new life as a family, far away from organised crime. They were wrong…

Melbourne 2017, hardened underworld criminal Oliver Dal Sanio had one last job to do before returning to his homeland of Sicily. Infiltrate the notorious Mosconi Family and return Christiana Dal Sanio back to her family at any cost.

Nineteen year old Anna Mosconi has spent her youth embedded within her crime ridden family, orchestrated by her grandfather and enforced by her father. With no mother to guide her, Anna had no choice but to adapt to the world she has been raised in order to survive.

When Oliver discovers Christiana has been killed his focus turns to her nineteen year old daughter. He soon finds himself enthralled by Anna’s complexity making him question his loyalties.

As Anna discovers love for the first time with her father’s new employee she is torn between family duty and the man she has given her heart to. Loving him could mark them both for death.

Redemption of the
Tiller-man: Book 2

Anna and Olivers story continues… Anna Mosconi soon realises her ‘Happily Ever After’ is built on lies. Anna struggles to navigate through the sinister underworld of Sicily. The lies, deceit and betrayal make her cautious and mistrusting. She is wary as the people around her aren’t who they seem.
Oliver Dal Sanio’s Achilles heel is the beautiful Anna Mosconi. He struggles to find balance between the warring Sicilian families as his past comes full circle driving a wedge between him and the woman he loves.
While Oliver pushes boundaries in order to keep Anna safe in his unscrupulous world it comes at a cost. Is Oliver willing to lose Anna for the sake of mending a war that has lasted for decades?

Blood of the Tiller-man:
Book 3

It all began like any other teenage love story. Boy meets girl and they fall in love. Unlike any other love story, the boy was a member of one of Sicily’s most ruthless crime families, and the girl, the sister of a high ranking police officer, willing to do anything for a promotion. Jethro and Rheba’s young and innocent love had been doomed before their first kiss.

JETHRO Sinsinatu was considered untouchable to many and dangerous to most. Years of hard, ruthless living excluded him from ever finding love.
RHEBA Russo was a born carer. Kind, compassionate and strong-willed, she was considered one of the best nurses at Messina Hospital. Life had taught her many tough lessons and she dedicated every waking moment to caring for the sick and injured. Rheba made no time in her life for anything else.

When Jethro is rushed to Messina Hospital, riddled with bullet wounds, he was the last person that Rheba expected to see in her emergency department. Fate, it seemed, was pushing them together once more.

As they rekindle their romance, Rheba discovers that Jethro may not be the person she fell in love with years ago. Lies, deceit and the truth are tangled together in this compelling story. Who is Jethro Sinsinatu and can love find a way?

Beneath the Snow of Gnojnik

Thirteen year old Michal Polanski was brutally torn from his family in Gnojnik Poland during the Second World War. Michal became a Polish prisoner of war at the hands of the Germans during the 1939 September campaign of Poland.

After the turmoil of his early years and surviving the horrific side of war and its aftermath, he finds himself a passenger on the SSS Kaugum sailing for Australian shores. He leaves behind the nightmares of his past and any hope of returning to his homeland.

Bernice Wall lives on the challenging rural land of the Nambucca Valley. Being a country girl through and through, petticoats and pearls were not her style. Hay bales and horses were her life, until she crossed paths with a handsome foreign immigrant. He came from a world she never knew existed.

Michal and Bernice embark on a journey through the ages facing prejudice and heartache with the chilling realisation that love cannot conquer all.

A Novel Inspired by actual events…